Maroc Plan Vert is progressing well according to Minister of agriculture

In 2008 was the kick-off of the sustainability plan, the relevant Minister now gives an update.

Maroc Plan Vert is a plan of the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and Sustainability which in 2008 was introduced by Minister Aziz Akhannouch. It consists of about twenty contracts when concluded with various major parties in Morocco. Bottom line in the plan is making the Moroccan agricultural sector and promoting national prosperity. Is known to be 20 contracts include no less than 19% of the Moroccan GDP, of this is 15% for agriculture and the remaining 4% for agricultural trade.

During an international agriculture meeting let Akkhanouch know that the plan published its fruits seems to pay off. The meeting was opened by the president of Guinea, several important leaders of Morocco were also present.

One tries with this project to develop several large value chains of Morocco such that at a macro level different sectors can benefit from it.

aziz akhannouch