Weather ' mule ' wife died in border crossing Sebta

A woman died this morning after trampling at the border-crossing point of Bab Sebta, reported the local authorities of M Diq-Fnideq.

The victim, who fainted after trampling at one of the gates of Bab Sebta, was transferred to the hospital in Fnideq where they died despite first aid.

This incident happened in less than a month time after the death of another "mule", which at the same border-crossing point was trampled by the masses. That victim died four days later in a hospital in Tetouan.

there were still five injured after clashes at the border post, Azerbaijanis when luckily no deaths.

Thousands of Moroccan women, also known as "mules" (mules), enter each day this border post about to sell their goods in Morocco and themselves to make their living. They often wear 70 kilos and they make a number of rounds during the day where they are treated like cattle.

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