Terror suspects arrested in Barcelona

According to the Spanish police are men between 31 and 39 years the terror suspects of Moroccan origin.

The police in Barcelona has eight terror suspects arrested Tuesday morning. Four of them are associated with the attacks in Brussels in March 2016. This reports the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The operation is still going on.

According to the Spanish police are terror suspects men between 31 and 39 years of descent. The four had contacts with the perpetrators of the attacks in Brussels. Some men have a criminal record or are associated with drug trafficking.

Police searched some twelve buildings in Barcelona and in some suburbs. The police have eight months study done. It is working closely with the Belgian police. In recent years, Spain is immune from terrorist attacks by jihadists. The last was in 2004 when bombs exploded in a train in Madrid. However, there are regular people were arrested suspected of recruiting jihadists.

In Spain there are still attacks the past few years been ETA.

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