Moroccan public: What one finds by the decompensation of butane gas? (video)

The Government programme presented by Saad Eddine El Othmani, last week, confirms the continuity of the reform of the compensation fund that is initiated by the Government of Baby.

The prices of products such as flour, sugar, oil and butane gas can nicely.

Butane gas is now mainly in the news, it would be for almost 100 dirham can be sold.

Citizens feel that an increase is not a good idea, especially for the disadvantaged.

"There are even people for whom the price of bread by 1 dirham is excessive", said one of the respondents.

"We would prefer that the price remains at 40 dirhams," said another.

"The question is whether wages will also rise or consumer goods only," asks another person.

[video = youtube; xngU5PRjZHc] v = xngU5PRjZHc [/video]

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