New ferrari driver caused panic in Marrakech

It's what with that Ferrari drivers in Morocco, last week there was an incident involving a drunken Ferrari driver in Rabat and last Sunday was a new incident involving a Ferrari driver in Marrakech.

In Marrakech was there last Sunday a new case with a young Ferrari driver who was involved in an accident. Al Massae today reports that a young thirty year old man that a red Ferrari controlled caused a mess in the streets of the city, where public property were destroyed.

The newspaper citing sources who said that the young man lost control of his vehicle while he was driving with too high a speed, and struck by protective barriers at the traffic arteries of the Agdal district. The Ferrari finally came to a halt in the middle of a construction site.

The newspaper added that the driver, who showed signs of intoxication, caused panic, especially at the construction workers. The same source said that the police quickly went to the scene and an investigation opened.

The young man was heard and Yes, released! Pending the outcome of the research was the vehicle seized.