Tetouan celebrates placement of medina on UNESCO World Heritage list 20 years ago

Yesterday the city celebrated Tetouan with various festivities the twentieth anniversary of the placement of the medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

"Tetouan: five centuries of civilization and twenty years of globality", was the title of the festivities in honor of this occasion, reports Lefr360.

Speaking on the occasion emphasized Mohammed Idaomar, President of the municipality of Tetouan, that the purpose of the event was to with the inhabitants of the medina of Tetouan to communicate and to make them aware of the importance of the preservation of historical heritage.

It was also an opportunity to the mayors of the seven Moroccan cities that are included on the World Heritage list to put together, to share experiences and to develop a collective consciousness about the challenges facing the Medina's are facing. Imminent collapse, social insecurity, overcrowding, safety, hygiene and high costs for the preservation of historical monuments count as some of the challenges. Finding common and harmonised solutions should make it possible to preserve this common heritage, added Mohamed Idaomar yet.

The medina of Tetouan was classified in 1997, recalled Mehdi Zouak, manager at UNESCO. It is a particular cultural property that bears witness to five centuries of Moroccan-Andalusian civilization.

These five-kilometre-long fortress with its seven main gates is distinguished by a certain urban distribution, a quiet residential area and a fantastic craft and artistic production. This medina is also very complete. It retains its entire historical urban layout with its mosques, hamams and zawiya's. There is a special clothing art and a special gastronomy, Zouak observed.

This specialist in the management and conservation of cultural heritage noted the importance of the preservation of this heritage, while pointing to the future. He called for the setting up of integrated development projects where the residents of the medina are the main beneficiaries. He also appointed the project to the medina of Tetouan (2011-2014) to rehabilitate, which was inaugurated by King Mohammed VI, and for which a budget of 315 million dirham was dedicated.

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