The shocking images that prove the involvement of the Algerian Army (video)

Last Sunday, the Moroccan Ambassador in Algiers called for "categorical rejection of the serious allegations of the Moroccan authorities" to receive, on Syrian migrants via Algeria the Figuig region in Department come.

As a reminder, the Moroccan authorities Saturday gave a statement in which they were not to speak about how Algeria Syrian refugees has dealt in their trip to Morocco. In the border area at Figuig, these refugees simply have been left to their fate by the Algerian authorities. If you want to refresh your memory you can read our earlier news release.

By the Moroccan authorities in Rabat was the Algerian Ambassador summoned to appear before the House. In response, one in Algiers that Moroccan Ambassador called on the mat. And on that last comment, the Royal Netherlands Army (FAR) now with images.

The images speak for themselves. The images are provided by the Royal Army (FAR) and yesterday were aired on the tv channel Medit1 TV. These images show that Algeria, to be precise the units of the Algerian Army (ANP), actually.

On the images to see the Syrian migrants are on the mountain Sidi Youssef on Algerian soil, 600 metres from the Algerian-Moroccan border. But it gets worse, other pictures show jeeps and trucks that come from the Interior of Algeria, which the dozens of Syrian migrants to the common border, which the Algerian authorities indisputable are involved in This deportation.

In the report of the currently existing FAR-unit appointed one that it comes to 40 Syrian refugees; 12 women, 12 men and 16 children. They would have arrived in terrible conditions.

"It is immoral and unethical to the moral and physical need to manipulate, to problems of these people on the border of Morocco and Algeria to sow", the Moroccan authorities said in the statement issued Saturday.

The drama of refugees, Syrians and others, who are fleeing civil war and uncertainty towards other countries, should in no way be used for political purposes.

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