Marrakech: 7 months imprisonment for woman with 2 men is married

The Court in Marrakech has a wife married to two men to seven months imprisonment. To the second husband was the same penalty imposed.

Prosecuted for adultery and polyandry (veelmannerij), the woman sentenced to seven months in prison and a fine of 1500 dirham. The same punishment was imposed on the second spouse who is prosecuted for adultery on the basis of false documents and complicity at the conclusion of a marriage certificate.

According to the newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, which this information today reports, is the third person involved in this case on the flight. The sources claim that this person, with a certain authority in the municipality Tassaltant, acted as an intermediary in order to enable women to obtain the certificate of celibacy, which allowed her to close the second marriage.

This affair came to light when the first man his wife in the street came across in the company of another man. When these other violent man was attacked by the first man, he emerged a formal marriage certificate showing that the woman also since a year his wife was. By the scuffle between the two men seized the police in and led them to the police station.

During the interrogation at the police station presented each of the two men a marriage certificate. The first was completed on 6 August 1996, while the second was signed on 26 January 2016.