Third annual Morocco festival in Russia (video)

Through the rich culture Morocco aims to reaching the heart of the Russian consumer-a business strategy that can lay the road for Moroccan products on the Russian market.

The centuries-old history, modernity and elegance came together on the third edition of the Morocco festival in Moscow, reported Euronews.

The Moroccan Centre for Export promotion (Maroc Export) organizes this event since 2014 to a wide range of Moroccan products to the Russian consumers.

The Moroccan Ambassador in Moscow Abdelkader Lecheheb said: "the Russian market is very important for our country. Morocco is the second largest partner for Russia in the Arab world and on the African scale. This third edition of the festival takes place under the banner of the diversification of our products here in Russia ".

Textiles, cosmetics, footwear, leather and House decoration were among the products in the spotlight at this year's Edition of the festival.

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