Not in EU with Turkey ' new Constitution '

Turkey cannot join the European Union as the country's constitutional changes approved in a referendum.

The EU leaders need to officially suspend the accession negotiations as soon as the new Constitution, allowing president Erdogan gets much more power, enters into force. Turkey-EU parliamentarian and rapporteur proposes that Kati Piri (PvdA). It presents its annual report on Turkey Wednesday.

It has according to its "no use '' to talk to the Turkish Government about further integration into the EU. PIRI warns that the millions of Turks who share European values should not be dismissed. "The 600 million euro per year which is released if the negotiations are suspended, should be deployed to fill."

Parliament earlier called on the calls to cease temporarily because of the repression after the attempted coup of last summer.

The European Commission called in the person of Commissioner Johannes Hahn (extension) Monday on the relationship with Turkey is different. He called for expansion of the existing Customs Union with Turkey. PIRI supports that approach in her report, which is expected to be adopted by Parliament.

The EU Member States are as yet not for the suspension of accession talks. So far only Austria pleaded before that. By the way, are in practice already a time stands still.

The EU foreign ministers informal meeting Friday and Saturday come on Malta, inter alia, to discuss this issue. They gave earlier that Turkey would lose his perspective on membership if Erdogan the reintroduction of the death penalty.