Reopening is scheduled for March 2018 SbaĆ¢ Ain Zoo

The theming part of the Zoo is started a few weeks ago. It consists of changing the existing concrete structures in areas as close as possible to the natural habitat of the animals must mimic.

The redevelopment of the former Zoo Ain Sbaâ is in the beginning of 2015 launched and currently has a 40% progress achieved. The final stage, which was launched in March 2017, is that of theming of the Zoo for an estimated budget of 26 million dirham.

"The remaining portion is starting with the iron work for the barriers between the accommodation of the animals and bridges over the rivers should be built to cross. As well as to make the environment as natural as possible, "reports Driss Moulay Casa meals, Orchid, Director of Development, the delegated developer.

In the new Zoo will almost 45 species . There will be an educational farm to learn and several dining and picnic areas, reports Medias24.

"The Zoo of Ain Sbaâ is registered at the Association also Zoological Parks in Africa The formalities necessary to become a member of the European Association of Zoological Parks are in process. This will make it possible to obtain some animals without costs, " said Moulay Driss meals, Orchid.

The idea of the project is to create an open biopark (biological park). The total budget is 250 million dirham, this will contributed are submitted by:

-The Ministry of Home Affairs: 130 million dirham
-The municipality of Casablanca: 80 million dirham
-The region Casablanca-Settat 40 million dirham

Four geographical areas that represent Africa, Asia, America and Atlas are planned. The conclusion will be in March 2018.

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