Often no compensation delayed EU flight

Air passengers in the EU often do not get compensated for cancelled or delayed flights.

Only in 25 percent of cases in which the traveller is entitled to compensation in accordance with the EU rules was that the last 12 months. Free food and drink became to less than half (46 percent) of affected passengers provided in cases where they are entitled to.

That is the result of research carried out in six EU countries that was presented Thursday in Brussels. Monique Goyens BEUC European consumers of the dome: "the figures are worrying. Airlines ignoring EU rules regularly and the authorities do nothing about it. Consumers are entitled to protection, and not only the complainants. "

The EU law covers all flights departing flights within and out of the EU, and arriving flights in the EU of a society from the EU. Delayed or cancelled flights are not necessarily compensated. For example, there may be special circumstances. The research was held in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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