Zero Mika: 36 tons of plastic bags in 3 months time

Different clandestine production units of plastic bags were dismantled in the first quarter of 2017, resulting in the seizure of more than 36 tons of plastic which was intended for sale.

During the first quarter of this year, the Royal Gendarmerie ensured the dismantling of several clandestine plastic productionunits, reported Lefr360 by means of a source at the Ministry of Interior.

These operations, which are part of the fight against manufacture and sale of plastic bags, have led to the seizure of more than 36 tons of plastic bags, 51 production machines, 11 vehicles and the arrest of 12 people.

It is further noted that since the entry into force of the m.b.t. law the ban on the manufacture, import, export, marketing and the use of plastic bags since april 4, 2016, the gendarmerie more 421 tons of plastic bags, then 70 production machines and 16 vehicles. A total of 55 people were arrested, they have all been brought before the competent courts.

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