8.5 million Moroccans do not have access to health care

More than 8 million Moroccans do not have access to medical care. Shrinking the number of doctors, the dysfunction of health insurance, the Wereldbank's ' economic Memorandum 2017 ' paints a bleak picture of the health sector in Morocco.

Inequalities continue to exist in Morocco in the access to medical care, this is reflected in the ' Wereldbank's ' Economic Memorandum 2017.

The Assabah newspaper reports that the Memorandum reports that 8.5 million Moroccans (about 25%) no have access to medical care in a country with an average of 6.2 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants, against 12 in Algeria and Tunisia and 37.1 in Spain. The same defect is observed at the level of mental health where the facilities have only one bed on the 10,000 people. This is well below the recommended world average of 4.4 beds for the same number of people.

The world bank also struck alarm on the dysfunctions that affect the medical coverage in Morocco, specifying that 60% of the population is covered by AMO and RAMED what in the future benefit must have for workers in the informal sector, self-employed and liberal professions.

The memorandum also has uncovered the problems which undermine the health care, namely poor human resource management, absence (absence) and corruption, Assabah said.

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