New Education Minister promises quick improvement education Morocco

The new Minister promised at the time of their appointment, Mohamed Hassad, quite in order.

The newly appointed Mohamed Hassad immediately that the Moroccan education system on quite a few points for improvement. At a meeting with several larger educational organizations from the country gave the Minister to one point even shocking. As is well known that at some schools, basic education in the special, a lot of material defect. So there would be on some settings 4 pupils to one table and classes with a size of 80, according to the Akhbar Al Yaoum Moroccan medium.

If two measures in the near future gave Hassad commitment to purchase 260,000 school tables and attract another 24,000 teachers. Furthermore, the Minister is of the opinion that education is not only to improve equipment and amenities, where he most likely in see is improving the teachers so that they can get to work with greater effectiveness.

Hassad will continuously to the table with different representative parties in education, this in Morocco as soon as possible to improve its quality.