Global Fire Power: ' Defense takes 57th spot globally in Morocco '

Morocco slumped in contrast to last calendar year with 8 spots on the global rankings.

With a total budget of 3.4 billion dollars a year, the defense unit of Morocco the 57th place in the global ranking of the war medium Global Fire Power. On the African continent is the army of Morocco represented on the 7th place, overall, a slightly lesser performance than last year. In total no less than 126 countries on the list, a good starting point so to the clout of Morocco compare to those of other countries.

The FAR, Morocco's defence, it does just a little less good than neighbouring Algeria. They form with their 26th place global one of the strongest countries in the region. The list of Global Fire Power is generated on the basis of no less than 50 indicators. So are the defence budget, the average age in the Corps, the population size, the vernuftigheden of the war material and external threats.

54. Angola(0.8812)
Iraq(0.8979) 55.
56.Finland (0.8986)
Morocco(0.8999) 57.
58.Austria (0.9086)
59.Azerbaijan (0.9164)
60. the Emirates (0.9258)

The biggest arms suppliers are the United States (44%) to Morocco, France (34%) and finally Netherlands (18%).

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