Suspects come from with light sentences death Xero Fikri

The investigation has lasted almost 7 months, recently bent the Court of Al Hoceima itself about the case.

The death of Mahato Faid, an ordinary fisherman in the coastal town of Al Hoceima, brought a lot of anger and the case was widely reported in the media which King Mohammed VI personally commissioned extensive research into the terrible death of the man.

Recently the Court ruled of Al Hoceima on the suspects in the case. It was going to be different people in charge within the fisheries sector of the city, they were sentenced to 8 months imprisonment. She got this punishment imposed for falsifying reports on this matter. Among them was also a responsible of the municipality of Al Hoceima.

The other suspects who were involved in the terrible incident directly received 5 months in prison. Here was the driver of the garbage truck, the cleaner and the guard of the fishing boats. They were charged with manslaughter by the Court, the driver of the car also got a fine of 500 dirhams. It is known that the guardian of the fishing boats 33,000 dirham to the relatives of Fair will have to pay.