Judgement in extortion case Saïd Sadeghi

The Court in Tetouan condemned the 3 defendants in the extortion case of the popular singer Saïd Sadeghi in total to 9 years imprisonment.

Sadeghi was previously filmed in a compromising position, with which the following 3 defendants extorted the singer. They threatened this video online to places like Sadeghi them unpaid. These three men have now been tried and convicted in Tetouan, where the complaint was filed, and sentenced to four years, three years and two years respectively in prison.

"The members of the network who are involved in this case life in Tangier, it is in this city where they will serve their sentences," said Imad Najlani, the manager of Said Sadeghi. He explains the reason why the singer has filed a complaint in Tetouan: "We received the phone calls from this town and we thought that the men lived in Tetouan, so we have a lawyer in Tetouan authorized to closely monitor this issue".

There is, however, a crucial element, reports Lefr360. The head of this network is together with three other persons who live in Spain still at large. "Those who have filmed the scene in Spain, and we are still waiting for the arrest in Madrid. Two months ago the head of this network was questioned by the police and we are still waiting for the Court ruling, "said Najlani.