Authorities ban Islamic first names Chinese province of Xingjiang

In line with previous discriminatory measures performs the local politics of the province of the legislation against Muslims.

Muslims in Xingjiang province had already heavily to endure, however is there now a few extras by the local authorities. Different domestic and foreign media are reporting that the authorities there recently have introduced a very remarkable line. So would people those Islamic names in different ways be banned and/or be hindered in their daily lives. For babies who are born still applies a ban on giving an Islamic name by parents.

One would do this to prevent separatism and extreme religious expressions, reports a responsible within the authorities of the area in front of The Financial Times. Should anyone still want to ignore the rule then he/she can do no claim on a document which entitles to access to education, social care and labor.

Striking is that these measures be imposed only in a province where a large part of the population is Muslim, the Muslim population is about 50% in Xingjiang.