Noteworthy: 38% percent of prisoners Fes and Meknes in custody

A worrying development, according to the local human rights organization of Fes and Meknes.

It is known that as many as 38% of the prisoners in the Fès and Meknes in custody are stuck in judicial establishments intended for convicts. A worrying development so agrees the local human rights organization in the person of the President, Maryam Makni. This trend manifests itself at national level as well, in total, there are as many as 80,410 suspects, even before their case is examined by the Court.

The people in custody are often have minor offenses on their tally stick, ranging from shoplifting stables to abuse and robbery. In a previously published report of the human rights association, dating back to 2012, was all the seriousness of this matter. There is then also called for separate detention facilities for suspects who still to the right should appear.

The human rights organisation brought this case to light recently again within the framework of the African day of the custody order. This is an initiative of many human rights organization from different countries on the continent

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