Mawazine 2017 Edition gives special attention to ' Street Art ' artists

This edition of the Mawazine festival in addition to music will also stage for various Street Art artists.

The annual music event Mawazine dedicates this edition special attention to the Street Art. Where the event best known for music artists from all over the world, Rabat this year also the street art a place in the busy program. From 13 to 20 May there will be artists from home and abroad with their arts scene.

So will one of Morocco's largest and best known Street Art groups are present, Afsi Atika. In addition, the Ali Band on and knows the present of Casa Fiesta. This is a mix of music from with different foreign influences: Egyptian, Brazilian, Senegalese et cetera.

The overall program of Mawazine runs from 12 to 20 May.

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