Moroccan engineers receive training in Malaysia two main prizes

During a meeting in Kuala Lumpur fell a Moroccan international design research group twice in the prices.

The EMSI (Moroccan scientific engineering course) could count on much admiration recently during an international design meeting in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The event which was visited by various Malaysian universities and institutes awarded research institution with two top prizes for two very diverse and innovative projects.

The first project/invention what in the prices fell was radiation against electromagnetic field what can hold. It should emit radiations that your thinking to the devices but also radiation released during radiotherapy treatments. The second project, called Senstenna, is a modern parking system which can be used in sensors systems. It is still in the future but for so-called ' Smart cities ' would be a perfect solution.

By the last project the research group itself qualified for the World Cup in Barcelona, Innovation there struck the 4 other finalists.