EU subsidises 4 projects in Morocco to promote culture

More than 200,000 euros the EU pulled out for this short-lived project.

Recently made a startup-organization of the European Union have made a selection of 10 potential projects that claim on a one-time grant gift of the EU. It was going to be an amount of 209,014 euro, eventually spread across 4 projects that aim to promote culture in the country. In three different cities (Tangier, Marrakech and Casablanca) on the advice of the EU will give a financial injection to the projects.

SouthMed CV, the organization that the distribution goes, made known that there are 2 projects in Tanger will be subsidized (Proposal for a Metropole and the Tanjazz Young Talent Competition) and 2 in Marrakech (Le 18, to preserve the cultural heritage) and in Casablanca (The Roots Association, to realize more sustainable in the region). In addition to these 4 projects will also be worked together with 6 other initiatives in the country.

It is not the first time that SouthMed CV (branch of the EU) culture on other continents are trying to promote. Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, among others, were previously, Palestine and Tunisia.

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