OPCW: 45 suspected poison gas attacks Syria

The Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) has messages received over 45 attacks in Syria in which supposedly poison gas is used.

There is "a long list of probable cases" since 2016, said General Manager Ahmet Üzümcü Friday in the Hague.

One of the last and deadliest examples was april 4, when in Khan Sheikhoun more than 80 people died. OPCW experts have by tissue research established that the victims are exposed to the nerve agent sarin. Üzümcü didn't want to confirm that the Syrian army is responsible, says the French intelligence service before that prove to have.

A team of experts is ready to go to the Director Khan Sheikhoun to travel and on site research. But then must be the safety of its employees are guaranteed. "The area is controlled by different armed groups. We must agree to a temporary truce, "said Üzümcü.

The OPCW, which exactly 20 years, assumes that the terrorist organisation Daesh almost two weeks ago near the Iraqi city Mosul mustard gas. The Iraqi army command shared that with it and spoke of a number of injured.

poison gas attacks