Najib Amhali left Gabbers shooting

Najib Amhali is last year asked to be a part of the comedy troupe Gabbers.

His participation, however, piece ran on money. Also it fell not good to fit into his agenda, as the comedian said Friday in the morning show of Lex G on Radio 10.

"It is very crazy. I was one of the Gabbers, "said Najib, who cannot agree on the terms. "It's not gone wrong, we came out." On whether the issue was a cents, gave Najib no negative answer. "Yeah maybe that too, but also an agenda issue."

Jandino Asporaat, Guido Weijers, Phillippe Gad and Roué Verveer are now part of the Gabbers. Last year they gave four shows in the Ziggo Dome. In June this year, there are again four performances on the program in the Amsterdam Concert Hall.

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