Research use of human feces as fertilizer after possible for watermelons

The Moroccan authorities examine a farm in Chichaoua where possible human feces was used as manure for watermelons.

The scandal broke out in the region Chichaoua, where the environmental brigade, commanded by the Royal Gendarmerie, on Wednesday and Thursday inspected a farm. The newspaper Al Akhbar today reports that the brigade was commissioned to the possible use of human feces as fertilizer for watermelon cultivation.

The brigade began questioning the owner of the farm, before returning to the neighbors who were affected by this situation. There were samples of the soil and the fruit taken for analysis. A report will be drawn up and submitted to the Office of the Attorney General, who initially gave the command to this research.

Meanwhile, designates the newspaper Al Massae, who writes on the same case, pointed out that the investigation was launched after various complaints submitted by citizens living in the city. The winds come from Essaouira helped to expose the practices of this farmer. The inhabitants of Chichaoua were surprised by very dirty odors in the streets of the city. They realized very quickly that these scents derived from a mass human feces that the owner of the farm had stored in large quantities.

The Joint Commission in charge of the investigation has decided to the distribution of the products of this farm to the end of the investigation to stop Al Akhbar added yet.