Rabat is home to World Congress of satellite and space technology

The Mohammed V University in Rabat on 2 and 3 may hosted a World Congress for satellite and space technology (MNSAT), the first of its kind in Africa and in the Arab world, according to the organizers.

For two days, there will be different experts, experts and scientists from around the world gather to share their experiences and to enrich themselves with the experience of participants from the United States, Italy and Germany, said Mohammed Kayyali, Vice president of the Congress in a statement against le360.

"This is the first Conference of its kind in Africa and the Arab world dedicated to satellite technologies," he said. This International Congress is focused on the development of satellite technologies by giving an overview of the latest developments in nanotechnology.

The Congress is organized by KSA, based in England, in cooperation with the Al Akhayan University in Ifrane, Moulay the Moulay Abdellah University in Fez, the Kadi Ayyad University and the Mohammed V University in Rabat.

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