Azilal: 3 dead and 4 seriously injured after fire caused by phone charger (video)

Three people were killed and four others suffering from severe rookinademingsverwondingen there this morning after a fire broke out in an apartment complex in Azilal, near Marrakech.

The local emergency services extinguished the fire and evacuated the wounded at first to the provincial hospital in Azilal for treatment. By their critical condition they were however directly by helicopter and ambulances to the University Hospital of Marrakech transferred.

According to the local government a preliminary investigation suggests that the fire has broken out by "a phone charger".

The investigation of this incident is under the supervision of the public prosecutor.

There are more and more often lately burning in homes in Morocco that outbreak by phone chargers. This means in particular to do with the fact that this is not the original chargers are supplied with the phone, but cheaper versions that are purchased on the market. Lefr360 made recently a report about the dangers of this fake Chargers

[video = youtube; Aw6xaPnG-Zg] v = Aw6xaPnG-Zg [/video]

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