What makes Malaysia attractive to the Muslim traveler?

Malaysia is an ideal travel destination for Muslim travelers and perhaps be the most Muslim-friendly holiday cottages, holiday country.

Malaysia is known for its many sights, exotic cuisine and endless shopping opportunities. We give you here a few reasons to visit Malaysia.

The majority of the population is Muslim and Islam is the official religion of the country. Almost every location has a prayer room, think of shopping centres and the airport. Malaysia has a beautiful nature and in every area of the country has something to offer.

If you like gorgeous buildings with a history then you will be sure to have your sentence in Malaysia. The country has many Islamic museums and mosques. Cities that are definitely worth to see include Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Melaka, the Genting Highlands and Georgetown.

Georgetown is a city that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site and what many old buildings with fascinating Islamic architecture such as the Kapitan Keling mosque and the Penang Islamic Museum. Visit the special Tengu in the culture rich Kuala Terengganu Tengah Zaharah mosque. Located on the water, it seems as if this mosque.

For your rest visit the Perhentian island where you small-scale resorts in breathtaking countryside. The largest portion is covered with jungle, but you will also find white beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear deep blue sea water and colorful coral. The accommodations are simple, but the natural beauty and beaches make up for everything.

You can go shopping in one of the large shopping malls in Kuantan do or hiking in one of the botanical gardens. The active beach lovers on the fairy-tale island of Tioman. Snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking in a colourful setting.

Because the rainy season in Malaysia not everywhere alike runs you will have to go after this in advance. The best you can visit the country between June and August in which you actually always has to take into account a little rain.

And this is just a small part because this country offers so much more beautiful.

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