Photo exhibition: ' 50 Year Moroccan migration in Netherlands ' opens May 9

The first generation of Moroccan guest workers have an important contribution to the building of the Dutch economy.

So they went here in the 1960s, for example, the Philips factory, Ford factory, Milk Union and Dutch plant cold cuts work. Without them the Dutch economy never as strong as it is now. Now there are about 380 thousand Moroccans in the Netherlands and most of these migrants retired. In relationship is there in this community talk of more health problems, they receive relatively more likely to have a benefit and/or life more frequently in relative poverty.

Today more than 180 different nationalities live in Netherlands. They all have their own customs, habits and backgrounds. Everyone who lives here, has his own reason why he or she is to Netherlands come. The great cultural diversity of the contemporary Netherlands is historically rooted. The identity and urban culture of Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam are closely intertwined with the employment history. That we see back in how they live, family life, the language and socio-cultural diversity.

In the framework of the Golden Jubilee (50 years) Moroccan migration Atlas Cultural Center last year the book ' half a century in Netherlands ' in the best Library of Netherlands presented to a large audience. At this time, the Board busy with preparations of a travelling photo exhibition and various lectures.

For the exhibition are a total of 50 people (25 Moroccan guest workers and their wives and 25 Dutch) professional photographs. The photos are later by black and white pictures and a short quote form. This is Atlas cultural center a recent photo with black and white photo of 50 years ago and combine text to end up the change of last 50 years.

The exhibition unravels 50 year Moroccan migration in Netherlands together with the identity of Netherlands visitors. This is done on the basis of different themes (work, family reunification, culture, politics and religion) that run into each other. The chosen form of presentation, design, but also the edge programming that Netherlands have their own expertise and experiences can insertion in the exhibition.

In addition, nationwide launched a campaign the stuff/documents of the native Dutch and immigrant workers (for example a day Scripture, work contract, luggage, passports, clothing etc.) to collect. The goods will be exhibited on loan as part of the exhibition in the different cities in the Netherlands.

15.30 Walk-in
16.00 Introduction
16.10 Speech, Alderman Rabin Ba
16.15 Speech, Moroccan Ambassador, Mr Jack Bellouki
16.15 guided tour S Yildirim
17.00 Reading
18.00 Closing

The exhibition is free to view until Wednesday 6 June.

The book "half a century in Netherlands" 1969-2019-50 year Moroccan migration can be ordered via

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