Italy: five Moroccans arrested for stealing 1000 solar panels

Five Moroccans were arrested and placed in custody in Cremona, Northern Italy. They are suspected of 1000 solar panels in one year that they have stolen that they have sent to Morocco.

The five men have multiple charges against itself, including nine robberies that have caused serious financial damage and the "violent" damaging the public energy-supply infrastructure, reports the Italian news site .

According to the Italian news site the Group has criminals since February 2016 at least 1000 solar panels stolen, with a total value of more than half a million, and this is with the exception of the structural damage. They would then have transferred to Morocco the panels through the ports of Genoa in Italy and through Spanish cities.

The Group has reportedly some nights the first solar panel fields observed in Italy, after which they turn off the alarms, the panels dismantled and they brought home with 200 pieces at the same time, said La Repubblica.

In trucks and then transported in boats to Morocco, the panels are sold on the black market in Morocco for about 100 euros each and then installed to produce solar energy in desert regions.

In August, even though five men of Moroccan origin arrested for stealing solar panels in South France. In the port of Sète 1000 solar panels were then discovered by Customs officers, divided into five vans that were ready to go on a boat to Morocco. These five men all lived in the region of Calabria, in southern Italy.

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