Sindibad Park in Casablanca provides special access for disadvantaged children

As part of its social actions gave the Sindibad Park on the weekends in april special access for almost 140 disadvantaged children.

during the weekends of april 140 disadvantaged children had free access to the Sindibad park in Casablanca, Lefr360 reports. As part of a civil action, supported by the municipality of Maarif, opened the park's doors for these underprivileged children, accompanied by their companions. The children were mainly from the homes of the Association "Assalam Lil Inmaa" and the Association "Atfal Al Kitab". Also children of the Association "Assalam wa basmat y" were involved.

The children enjoyed unlimited access to the park's attractions, including Oak-Oak Island, a boat ride on the water, and the O'Temba, a kind of yo-yo that the children up and down. The Zoo was also very successful in the children.

Sindibad hopes that this type of initiative will help in active support of associations of disadvantaged children. Other days in favor of other charities will be regularly scheduled.

We feel this is a nice initiative! Hopefully there will be multiple.