Massage centers and spas continue to multiply in Morocco.

The number of spas and other massage centres continues to increase in Morocco, leading those who invested in this trendy and highly profitable sector welcome the fact, Al Massae.

According to a report that the newspaper has the largest number of spas in Morocco, the Middle East and North Africa, with a total of 1785 centers in 2015. This ushers in that years of work to about 244 million people and generated 13701 us dollars. Morocco, for example, is third after the United Arab Emirates, with 687 centers with an annual turnover of about 742 million dollars and Saudi Arabia with 352 spas with an annual turnover of 255 million dollars.

Al Massae reveals, in the same report, that the 11 hot springs, including Moulay Yacoub and Sidi Harazem, generate revenues of 13.4 million u.s. dollars.

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