Fiorentina sees serious reinforcement in opgeleefde at OGC Nice Belhanda

Still under contract with the Ukrainian Dynamo Kiev can Belhanda count on serious interest from Serie A.

Younès Belhanda off with his tenants is heading for club OGC Nice on direct participation in the UEFA Champions League. After the 3-1 profit of last night at the direct rival Paris Saint-Germain, the mutual points difference now only 3. In the blistering win on Parisians wore Belhanda with the assist on the 2-0 by Ricardo. Nevertheless, it is still uncertain whether the international next season, should they qualify, may participate with Nice on the miljardenbal.

Belhanda is still under contract with Dinamo Kiev, the club that him after his excellent season at Montpellier HSC took over. The Ukrainian top club since his transition would know nothing of a final takeover of their contract player. Among other things, transfers to Turkey, France and Italy ketsten because of this. Now there seems to be a serious candidate to have appeared on the scene for the 36 caps.

The knowledgeable Almarssadpro reports that the Fiorentina midfielder all too would like to take over. The question now is how deep you want to go in Italy in the pouch, it is known that also OGC Nice Belhanda finally want to incorporate. This summer, the rental period in France, the contract with Dinamo Kiev runs until the summer of next year.

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