Spain and Morocco arresting 30 members of international drug trafficking network

Security services from Spain and Morocco have jointly 30 Moroccans and Spaniards arrested suspected of drug trafficking, said the national police of Spain yesterday in a statement

"The cooperation with the Moroccan authorities was crucial in the arrest of some members of this criminal organization that had fled to Morocco," according to the Spanish police. They added that the suspects could be arrested by the joint investigation by the security services of the two countries.

The Moroccan security services arrested ten people in connection with this network in Morocco, including the alleged leader and his son, who were in possession of false passports. There was an international arrest warrant issued for these two persons.

The 30 detainees were part of a criminal gang known as "Los Castañas", regarded as "the largest drug trafficking network in the Campo de Gibraltar (South Spain)-and also involved in money laundering," according to the statement.

According to the Spanish authorities used the network small boats that are equipped with powerful engines to transport the drugs from Morocco to Spain.

The operation to arrest the gang members is started in 2015. Yesterday the deployment of 150 police officers led to the arrest in Cadiz (South Spain) and Morocco by thirty Spanish and Moroccan gang members after the search of a total of 21 houses. This also led to the seizure of one tonne of hash, 350,000 euros in cash, 16 vehicles, three inflatable boats and several firearms. The police also took 17 real estate interests worth 3 million euros to complete and blocked 24 bank accounts belonging to several members of the network.

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