AIT Melloul: mother children down, does after suicide attempt

Aït Melloul Sunday 30 april was the scene of a terrible scene.

A mother of 2 children killed her daughter and put her son down with a knife, after which the woman tried to commit suicide.

The inhabitants of the town of Aït Melloul, that 15 km south of Agadir is located, are shocked by this terrible event. They do not understand what the mother has put on to her children to stab a suicide attempt before they did, gives Le360.

The woman suffered heavy psychiatric disorders whose symptoms worsened with time. Her daughter of 12 years old is unfortunately succumbed to her injuries, while her son of 8 years with serious injuries has been transferred to the regional hospital of Inezgane to get the necessary care for his recovery. There is an investigation on how this incident.

This horrible incident is not the first of its kind in AIT Melloul. Many similar incidents have recently rocked the inhabitants of the region.

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