The facts after 2 years Uber in Morocco

Also in Morocco has the popular taxi service feet to the ground, now already 2 years ago.

Where it is in many other countries is full of negative comments about taxi service Uber, one is in Morocco also usually not to speak about this entrant at the taxi market. Known, reports the General Director of Uber Maroc, that their drivers a lot with physical and verbal abuse. Meryem Belqziz commented: "even though we have ensured that all our drivers remain legal in the hook is the butt of violence and also criticism, it often happens that they get fined. Even more than that we have done before we try to assist our employees. Fees after incidents of violence and fines can be up to about 5000 dirham. "

It is not that only negativity back to the service hangs. If it is to use, there is a significant growth in recent years. In Morocco, there are a total of 12,000 Uber-500 monthly of which drivers are active. The average yield per trip is 35 dirham, in Casablanca you can by 15 to 20 trips per day soon earn such a 12,000 dirhams per month.

In big cities like Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier is the service the most popular. Of the total number of users is 38% tourist, from a total of 67 countries (the most frequent users are from the US, China or France). What has contributed to the higher use is that you can pay cash in Morocco recently, instead of the usual method of payment, the credit card. This has ensured that currently 40% of payments shall be made in cash.

Belqziz is convinced that the success in Morocco by pulling is to other countries in North Africa and the Sub-Saharan region. It is expected, therefore, that the service be out soon start rolling.