Control Risks: ' Morocco in A grade, most politically stable and safest country in Africa '

A British firm of all countries the political stability and security in Morocco recently gave an A-card brings qualification.

Morocco is of the entire African continent the most safest and most stable country in terms of politics, this reports the British Office Control Risks in its report what recently has appeared. Akhbar Al Yaoum the Moroccan media still know to report that, based on the results of Control Risks, there in neighbouring countries such as Algeria and Mauritania right an increased level of alertness and safety risks.

On two planes places Control Risks countries in different qualifications. The level of security is determined on the basis of 8 indicators, namely among others: theft, fraud, destruction, digital crime, heavy violent crime and extortion. The political stability of a country finally is mapped by keys to 7 characteristics such as the extent to which corruption comes to light, compliance with the legal system, the degree of nationalism and if there are any expropriation.

Is well known that such reports the extent of foreign investment and tourism can make or break.