Scandal in Tetouan: professor gives high marks in Exchange for sexual services

What started as rumors turned out to be a real sex scandal on the Abdel Malek Saadi University in Tetouan, where a professor in Exchange for sexual favors are students gave a high mark.

The Prosecutor of the King has asked to open an investigation into this affair for sexual extortion, reported the newspaper Al Massae yesterday. The newspaper pointed out that the public prosecutor's Office still has received no formal complaint in connection with the case.

A well-informed source has confirmed to the newspaper Al Massae that the security services are busy collecting the names of the students involved. A task that proves difficult. The police, however, is already in the possession of calls through Facebook between the professor and the students, of which hundreds of screenshots were spread via social media. But it remains difficult to determine the identity of all the young girls. Many of them used anonymous accounts, in addition, there are already many students have graduated and left the University.

The newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reports that the professor after the outbreak of this matter of the radars would be gone. The paper says that some of the students by the teacher were forced, while other students agreed offer sexual services at good rates in the exams. The case broke out when on the social networks talks between the professor and the students leaked. The talks date back to the academic year 2013 and the professor would so all 4 years engaged in these practices.

Meanwhile, stresses the newspaper Al Akhbar that the students of the University have gathered to protest after this scandal and abusing of the educational system for sexual services.  Al Akhbar also said that the technical Tetouan's brigade led by forensic police service using the latest information technology to the identity of the person to figure out that the talks between the professor and his students revealed after the Facebook page of the teacher to have hacked.

The person who revealed the screenshots yourself via Facebook says an old student. "After graduation from University, cursed that I decided to with the truth," wrote the old student in the Facebook post. "A college professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Tetouan are students sexual exploits in his Office at the University and in his apartment in Martil".

"The big surprise is that many of the students in line on these relations in go, but that has never stopped the professor to some of his reluctant students to blackmail", she added, and published hundreds of screenshots below of the talks between the professor and his female students. These are heated conversations where they explicitly negotiate the sexual favors they are willing to do in Exchange for a high rating in their exams.

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