Syrian refugee kicks it to successful shoe maker in Casablanca

It goes so well with the business that the best man is already 4 Moroccan employees.

The 37-year-old has started with virtually nothing Syrian refugee Diyaa currently managed to secure his place in the Moroccan society. Thanks to a small financial contribution of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, he could be self-sufficient. Right after his arrival, he was forced to live with his family far outside the city, at about 20 kilometers away.

Diyaa tells, as can be read in a news release from the UNHCR, that at first he had to bring many sacrifices: "I worked 18 to 20 hours a day, because I had to walk to Casablanca, a journey of around 4 hours in total".

As time passed, the customer base of Diyaa getting bigger. As a result, he had to assume the staff, now a total of 4 man. Even better was the fact that the Syrian got a price for its operations, and not just one. In January of last year, he received a prize of the AMAPPE calendar, an organization that start-ups and independent entrepreneurs.

About the Moroccan society can Diyaa only positive exhausts: "the Moroccans have always had confidence in me. Even now as an employer, it is extremely pleasant to work with them. I came to Morocco with empty hands, had to start from scratch. Despite the fact that I feel like me here between Moroccans, there is nothing better than at home ".