Nasrdin Dchar continues success piece Dad play

Actor Nasrdin Dchar continues to play solo performance next season his Dad.

He will with the piece between september and december to see even more than fifty times, especially in large halls. That made Theatre Office the men on Tuesday.

In the piece he tells a personal story about his Dad leading fatherhood and how he wants to give them at a time when divisions in the society prevails. The play was acclaimed by the press and the public.

"The fatherhood forces me to look in the mirror again and myself to ask the question: what do I give to my child?" said the actor. He wrote the script together with the theatre-maker Floris van Delft, who also directed the piece.

Dchar previously drew full houses with the performance John, a tribute to his mother. The last performance in Theater Carré was even visited by Queen Máxima. The actor broke some years ago by with his role in the film, for which he won a golden calf, and then played under more in Tirza, Wolf, Suskind and in the series black Tulip and hunting.

The play list of Dad is on his site. Ticket sales for the series in the fall goes into may.

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