Twenty hours of community service for rapper Crook

Rapper and vlogger Crook is Wednesday by the judge in the Hague sentenced to a community service of twenty hours before the destruction of a police car in Zoetermeer.

That destruction happened last March. The 24-year-old rapper was Tilburg in Zoetermeer on step and jumped on two occasions on the hood of a police car, while friends and relatives watched.

The Prosecutor had forty hour work penalty which twenty hours conditionally required against crook.

The popular artist, real name Sofiane Boussaadia, was not present in court. In a statement read out by his lawyer he offered there are apologies for. He didn't know there was a subpoena. He thought that with compensation for the damages, direct that night at the police station, the case was completed, told his lawyer. "Today I have recordings for a video clip where I was a guest contributing," said crook. Cancel was not an option because the artist is in excess of 10,000 euro already for the recordings.

Also, he offered his excuse for the destruction of the police car. "I was drunk, it was a misplaced joke. I am aware of my exemplary role for young people, this will never happen again. "

Bailey is currently very popular. His album sleep deprivation is at the top of the album list, hit Habiba is millions of views on Youtube. Also stresses the rapper born in France that he has rehabilitated his life. He is aware of its exemplary role and readily gives to charities, such as Giro 555 for victims of famine in southern Sudan, Northeastern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen.

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