Ambitious Moroccan Minister of industry: automotive industry on production capacity In 2020 is ' 1 million '

During a large car exhibition in Tanger said the Minister his real ambition.

That the energetic goes with the Moroccan car industry was already beyond dispute, however, sees the Moroccan Minister of industry more promising in the future. Moulay Hafid El Alamy spoke recently during a large car exhibition in Tanger a striking ambition. The driver predicts an annual production of 1 million vehicles by 2020, 80% of this would be manufactured in Morocco.

At present, the production capacity at 650,000 pieces, the intention of the Minister would be an annual turnover of 10 billion going to realize. Alternative financial resources in order to create employment for as many as 160,000 people. It's going so well has everything to do with the way that Morocco has freely for foreign investors. The North African country is very popular with different brands. This is according to El Alamy including through the political and economic stability that Morocco, the presence of skilled labour supply and variety of advantages when it comes to logistics and production-for jumps on other countries in the region.