Moroccan Government Announces much needed construction of 36 prisons

The Moroccan Government underlines the poor conditions of prisoners and promises improvement.

It took a while but finally gets the DGAPR her sentence. For years knocked the national judicial organization with the Moroccan Government to the alarming living conditions of prisoners. The Moroccan media reported Monday that the Government Assabah what Sâad Eddine El Othmani-led by recently has approved the construction of as many as 36 new judicial establishments. His predecessor Adnan Baby refused the request of the DGAPR. This would include have experienced personal conflicts that Baby had with representatives of the service.

Assabah reports that the Government further an amount of around 400 million dirham has earmarked for the construction of these prisons.  The full realization is planned for 2020 and will be in the hands of reputable contractors in this field. Apart from the institutions themselves will also increase the daily servings nutrition of prisoners.

This calendar year one will already start to the construction of several regional institutions: Boujdour, Dakhla (236 prisoners) (800 prisoners), Toulal (1,300 prisoners), Sidi Bennour (1,200 prisoners) and Tantan finally (402 inmates).

Where the prisoners also in meet is offering recreational activities. Currently here over the whole country just for 13,000 man capacity for, in 2018 is expected to increase to 50,000.