Casablanca: a student in hospital after he fired himself

A pupil of the vocational training center in the Al-Quds neighbourhood in Sidi Bernoussi is evacuated to the provincial hospital and is then transferred to the hospital after he Ibn free Wi Tuesday in the headquarters of the Centre fired himself .

According to local authorities, the 20-year-old pupil sprayed herself with a flammable product under the administration of the Center after the boy had asked to sign a contract. Would he agree repeatedly to be absent during the lessons. The boy stuck then himself on fire and was burns on, reports H24info.

The toegesnelde emergency services transports the student to the provincial hospital in Sidi Bernoussi, so he would get first aid. Then he was transferred to hospital, according to the same source the Ibn free Wi.

There is an investigation into this incident opened by the competent authorities under the supervision of the public prosecutor.