Two imams and Councillor PJD assaulting elderly man in mosque Sidi Kacem

A remarkable incident in a mosque in Sidi Kacem, the elderly victim is in critical condition at the hospital.

The Moroccan medium Assabah recently reported that 2 imams and a Councillor of the political party PJD in Sidi Kacem are secured for assault. The victim would be a 75-year-old moskeeganger are, how the scuffle has taken place is not entirely clear. It is clear that the two and the PJD-Councillor the man deny access to mosque, thereupon began the elderly man to resist and responded back with excessive force.

A remarkable case reports the newspaper, because of the age of the victim and the crime scene. The injuries that would have sustained such a serious man would be that he is currently in critical condition in the hospital, this reports his son opposite Assabah.

On the orders of the Attorney General of the gendarmerie is the three arrested and they had to justify itself before the Court the day before yesterday. From justice is emphasized heavily to lift to this case.