Wheat: Moroccan House agreed to increase import duties to 135%

The House of representatives has unanimously adopted Tuesday, the Government Bill 19/17 empowering to immediately apply the measure on the increase from 30% to 135% customs duties on imports of wheat to produce on national level.

This increase in customs duties on wheat was on last Thursday during the first Government Council, headed by Saad Eddine El Ohtmani, decided, reports Lefr360.

The Minister of economy and finance, Mohamed Balhas, said the forecast for the agricultural season 2017 is based on a crop of 49 million quintals of wheat on a total grain output of 102 million quintals (wheat, barley, oats etc).

"The increase of 135% of the customs duties for soft wheat aims to preserve the interests of the farmers, especially in the current context where the prices of these raw materials decrease," said Balmaceda.

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