Photojournalist FOLDER found dead in his home in Temara

The photojournalist Hassan Shimi is yesterday (May 3) found dead in his home in Temara, he was probably murdered because his body to a Chair was attached and traces of violence.

On Monday (May 1) was the Photojournalist of folder, the Moroccan news agency, still at work. The day after no one could reach him more, reports Lefr360.

"His colleagues trying to reach him to no avail. This, they contacted the sister of the deceased who lives only in Temara. She discovered that her brother had died in terrible conditions, "said a friend of the deceased.

Agents of the judicial police and forensic departments went yesterday to the scene of this drama. After the initial findings they shifted the body to the morgue.

There is an investigation to find out the circumstances of this tragedy.