Air exercise of ' African Lion 2017 ' in picture (video)

The first images of the air exercises by 2017 ', ' African Lion military maneuvers at the end of april in the region of Agadir by the FAR and the U.S. Army were carried out, have been released by AFRICOM.

The ' African Lion ' is a great opportunity for the Royal Air Force (FRA) to show their strength. And at this point have the Moroccan F16s, 23 aircraft in total, proved that they can compete with the American partners.

The images show an operation in which Moroccan F16s be refuelled in the air to their flight time. An operation that was carried out successfully in a remarkable symbiosis and harmony.

[video = youtube; 1Yyd2jC0YHg] v = 1Yyd2jC0YHg [/video]

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