Agadir: Henna tattoo ends in nightmare

Sophie Akis, a 22-year-old British tourist on holiday in Agadir, could not imagine that decorating her hands with black henna so dangerous. There she came the next day when she woke up.

Decorate tourists during their holiday like their hands, feet, ankles, upper arm, back and so on with the beautiful henna tattoos. But unfortunately this also sometimes result in error. Similarly at the British Sophie who turned out to be allergic, reported the Daily Mail UK yesterday.

While Sophie with her family on the beach was, she gave in to the proposal of a henna artist. They chose to be the first time for 24 hours test before they actually went over to the full henna tattoo. That went well, but when the full henna tattoo out sat she became the next day wake up with different swelling and blisters on her hands (see picture at article).

Sophie that morning went directly to the pharmacy for a cream and wrapping her hands. They would fly the same day to Turkey, where she currently lives with her husband. In Turkey she went directly to the local hospital where tests showed that she was allergic to the henna.

Often there are also all kinds of chemicals added to black henna that can cause allergic reactions or that burn in the skin. You can always go for the best natural henna. Forewarned is forearmed!